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Student Experience

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The Modules

Semester 1

Encompasses powerful design thinking and a range of methodologies for the development of innovative digital solutions through research-informed practice to develop powerful digital outputs.

Learn to produce powerful mobile applications through user-centred design, user-driven development, critical research and practical study, linking key theory and practice.

Learn how to develop powerful e-marketing solutions through data-analysis, intelligence, insights and analytics. Goal orientation, SMART objectives and other key features are provided for strategic development, through research-informed practice.

Semester 2

Experiment, develop new ideas, embrace new technologies and creativity via research and the digital sandboxing environment through MIT style approaches, embracing a makers-mind set and hacking culture to interface with hardware/software to make create and innovate.

Explore the strategies and methodologies in, start-ups and SME. Design, discover and develop your own start-up company using the power of digital, through concept to completion, theory and practice.

Learn, explore, develop methods in user-centred design, human-computer interaction to solve real-world problems enhancing the user-experience through advanced study and research-informed practice, with a series of user-focused, challenging briefs.

*Optional modules are also available from the University.

Semester 3

The Major Project is your opportunity to negotiate a large-scale, self-determined, original and innovative project from the summation of learning on the programme.



UX Designer

Jonathan Levi

During the course I designed numerous digital products directly related to my career path including a smart watch app, FinTech mobile app, and an AR game. I now work with global brands.


XR Developer

Jose Pereira

After graduating I got a job at Inmarsat - co-manager of Inmarasat's IMPACT dept. Creating interactive scenario simulations for clients and immersive training applications. I now work in Critical TechWorks, a BMW-owned company, developing the next gen BMW Group’s future driving machines. We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about cars: from autonomous driving to electrification, from car sharing services to connectivity.


Digital Transformation

Luca Benedetti

After I completed my MA I was hired from Deloitte Digital in Milan. Recently I’ve been working on Digital Transformation & Marketing projects, CRM, DMP and Campaign Management tools. I cannot stress the importance of this course!


FinTech UX Design

Jiajing Fu

From this course I landed an internship at Orange, in the London office - XDLab, as an UX Designer, while on the course winning London Hackathon event by Mobile UX, Oracle, and Orange. I now work in CitiBank on global projects.


Experience Design

Ritish Raghavan

After I completing the course, I was offered a job with ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company. I work in the intersection of agile methodologies in tech and UX design. This course trasnformed my life! I now return back to give talks to students.



David Ehira

I completed my MA and went to work for ARM Technology, a world-leading organisation, my work on the course and major project really helped me land a top job - the course team are amazing, inspirational and motivated


Student Life

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Adobe Evangelist Steve Burnard refers to the MA Interactive Practice as “essential to the industry” (January 2016).


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